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(revised October 12, 2000)

Article One: Offices

The association’s principal office shall be fixed and located at such place as the Board of Directors (herein called “The Board”) shall determine.

Article Two: Membership

The association shall have three (3) classes of members:

  • 1. Regular members;
  • 2. Associate members;
  • 3. Honorary members.

Regular members shall have all voting rights of the association. Associate members and honorary members shall have no voting rights. In all other respects, the rights, interests and privileges of each member, regardless of class, shall be equal. No regular member shall have more than one (1) vote.

Any person, firm, corporation, or other legal entity operating as a collection agency in the State of California whose business shall be primarily the solicitation of commercial accounts, and which entity shall have been in business at least one (1) year with it’s current ownership, shall be eligible to apply for regular membership.

Any person employed by a regular member or employed by a person, firm, corporation or other legal entity qualified to seek regular membership is qualified to become an associate member.

Any person, firm, corporation or other legal entity may be elected an honorary member by a vote of a majority of the regular members of the association.

Each regular member of the association shall designate an individual to act on its behalf and to vote in the association on it’s behalf.

Applicant for any class of membership shall apply to the Board, in writing, and tender payment of the first annual dues plus a $50 non-refundable processing fee, and on approval of a majority of directors at any regular or special meeting at which a quorum is present, shall thereby be elected a member in the appropriate class as provided for above. Regular members must be represented only by their written appointed designee as provided for above.

Article Three: Meetings

Annual meetings shall be held each year at a date and time to be set by the board.

The Board, President, or twenty percent (20%) of the regular members may call special meetings at any time.

No meeting shall be valid without fifteen (15) days notice in writing, mailed - faxed - or emailed, to the last known address of all regular members, postage prepaid.

The place of meetings shall be designated by the Board or such other person or group as shall call for the meeting, as provided above.

A majority of the voting regular members represented in person shall constitute a quorum.

Every person entitled to a vote as a regular member must do so in person. Voting rights may not be exercised by proxy.

The president shall preside as Chairman at all meetings. In the absence of the President, the Secretary shall preside, and in the absence of the Secretary, the Treasurer shall preside.

Article Four: Directors

There shall be elected at every other annual meeting a President, Secretary, Treasurer, and four (4) Directors-at-large, who shall constitute the Board, consisting of said seven (7) regular members to serve for a term of 2 calendar years.

The Officers and Directors, both in their capacity as Officers and collectively as Directors, shall exercise all powers authorized by the Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporate Laws of the Sate of California.

All Officers and Directors shall serve for two calendar years and thereafter until their successors are duly elected and assume office.

Any Officer or Director may resign upon giving written notice to the President, Secretary, or the Board. The Board shall appoint any regular member to fill such unexpired term.

Article Five: Dues and Assessments

The annual dues payable to the association by regular members or associate members shall be in such sum as may be determined from time to time by the Board.

Regular members shall be subject to assessments which may be levied and collected as determined by the Board and which may be required in the furtherance of the purposes of the association.

Any regular member or associate member may terminate membership by a request, in writing, delivered to the Secretary of the association personally or by mail, postage prepaid.

Voluntary termination of membership shall not entitle such resigning member to a refund of any dues or assessments.

A regular or associate member may be terminated for a failure to make any payment, when due, or by vote of a majority of the Board for violation of the ethics of the association.

Directors and Officers shall serve without compensation but shall be authorized to employ qualified professionals to carry forth the purposes of the association.

Article Six: Adoption

We, the undersigned, being the directors of California Commercial Collection Association, an unincorporated association, take action by unanimous written consent without a meeting, and we consent to and hereby do, adopt the forgoing By Laws of said association.

Dated: This 12th day of October, 2000

____________________________________ Mary Bouffard, President

____________________________________ Wayne Grimsrud, Secretary

____________________________________ Howard Lilenfeld, Treasurer

____________________________________ Dave Greenberg, Director

____________________________________ Bob Lenardson, Director