For Membership Information:

Call: (805) 522-3232


Qualifications for Membership
(revised October 12, 2000)

(A) Potential members must be a collection agency with an office in the State of California.

(B) The agency must be located in California and be in good standing with the State of California.

(C) Potential member must have been in business in California for a minimum of one year.

(D) Members must solicit primarily commercial (non-consumer) claims.

(E) All representatives must be either (1) an active principal or (2) a designee of the active principal of the agency member.

(F) Dues will be charged. Prompt payment of charges is required. Assessments will be charged as needed and with the approval of the majority of the membership.

(G) Each application for membership must include a check for the current annual dues plus a $50 non-refundable processing fee. Check is to be made payable to the CCCA.

(H) All members must agree to be actively involved in the endeavors of the association.
No one will be denied membership on the basis of race, creed, color or sex.